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    The cost-effectiveness of waste water treatment plants or plants for generating biogases, from which energy can be derived, is improved considerably by the sonication of the biosolids, without polluting the environment...   more>>

    Ultrasonication is an efficient means for the wet-milling and micro-grinding of particles. Besides dispersing and deagglomerating, the wet milling is an important application of ultrasonic devices. ..   more>>

    Ultrasonic impact treatment equipment is used in a wide variety of industries on an even wider variety of parts...   more>>

    High precision grinding machine is an important measure to process workpiece in precision,which plays an important role in modern society.the high precision grinding machine is equipped with programmed control system...   more>>

    Traditional chemical method, which costs a lot to build water treatment equipment and can not prevent the formation of new water scale, uses sodion to separate hard salt from water...   more>>

Handan Haituo Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in Handan, Hebei, China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing, designing, manufacturing and applying ultrasonic equipments.
Haituo's main products are ultrasonic equipments, including Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Equipment, Ultrasonic Machining Equipment, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Ultrasonic Impact Surface Process Equipment...
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